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Brand Identity design is the graphical representation of a product or company's brand positioning. At Sphere Technologies brand identity features—starting with the creation of the brand logo.

Your brand logo, the visual element of your brand identity, works closely with your brand name to tell a story of superior value. The two primary elements include the logotype (the brand name) dovetailed with the logo icon (the graphic) into one intriguing and cohesive message of value.

If a brand logo is a visual mark of ownership of a company, product, service or person and symbolizes the differentiating promise of value that brand boasts, then a brand name stands for the verbal and written ownership of that promise of value and symbolizes it phonically each time the name is uttered. Overtime, if your brand delivers on this promise without fail, then your brand name will come to symbolize that value concept in the minds of your market. In many instances, a name can become the verb that stands for the value concept


  • Letterhead
  • Second sheets
  • Business cards
  • Note cards
  • PowerPoint templates
  • HTML email templates
  • Email signoffs
  • Proposal templates
  • Splash screens
  • Building signage
  • Brand swag



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