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Website template is the important element of any web site; it separates your website content from the website design. In other word we can say that website template is the framework of any website. It also knows as HTML Web Template. The template is the framework HTML code for the complete website. If we take the example of any news portal where you need to update the content on the existing pages and have to add new pages with new content many times in a day; for this kind of larger website you need to have a Website Template (base design framework for your website). The main advantage of website template is that if you change the layout of the template, it will automatically change the complete website layout according to the templates despite changing the layout in all independent pages.

There are many kind of templates, few popular website templates are:

All-Page Template (HTML Template): All page templates are based on a single html website template. We can easily divide this to Header, Footer and main content variable.

Block Template: Block template means that your website's any certain part e.g. html component, segment or region. The best example is that the box menu system in big news portal.

Template Oriented Website: Template Oriented Database Driven Website means that you just need web browser and internet connection for designing and managing your website content. In other word Template oriented website means Content Management System (CMS) website. Template oriented website consist of WYSIWYG Editor for adding your content, modifying colour of the text, adding images to your website pages, custom Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) addition, RSS Syndication, ATOM Syndication, Website Page Disable & Enable features, Complete Website base Template Customization, Inbuilt Search Capability etc.

We are expert in the following website template design and development:

  • HTML Template Website Design
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver Template Design
  • Adobe GoLive Templates Design
  • CMS Template Design
  • FrontPage Templates Design
  • CSS Template Design
  • Macromedia Flash Template Design
  • E-Learning Template Design India
  • Smarty Template Design
  • PHP Template Design India
  • MS SQL Database Driven Template Design
  • MySQL DB driven Template Design
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR) Template Design
  • ASP.NET Template Design India
  • C# Template Design
  • ASP Template Design
  • eCommerce Template Design India
  • Flash Animated Template Design
  • Flash Intro Template Design
  • Table less Template Website Design
We are expert in the following categories template designs:

  • Animals Template Design
  • Pets Templates Design by Professional Designers
  • Art Templates Design by Expert Designer
  • Automobile Template Design India
  • Books Template Design by Creative Designers
  • Literature Template Design Company
  • Business Template Design India
  • Cars Website Template Design India
  • Vehicles Web Template Design India
  • Children Website Template Design
  • Communications Website Template Design
  • Computing Website HTML Template Design India
  • Dating Website Template Design in India
  • Education Website Template Designing India
  • Electronics Goods Website Template Design
  • Entertainment Website Template Design
  • Fashion Templates Designing Company India
  • Flowers Sellers Website Template Design
  • Food Industry Template Designing
  • Drinks Industry Template Designing
  • Futuristic Template Designer India
  • Medical Website Template Design
  • Health & medicine Website Template Designer
  • Hobby Photoshop Template Designer
  • Industrial Website Template Design in Adobe GoLive
  • Interior Designer Template Design
  • Jewelry Designer Web Template Design
  • Law Firms Template Designing
  • Legal Consultants Website Templates Designing
  • Media Website Template Design
  • Military Website Template Design
  • Music Website Template Design
  • Nightclub Template Design
  • Personal Website Template Design
  • Photography Website Template Design
  • Real estate ASP.NET Template design
  • Religion Website Template Designing
  • Science Website Template Design
  • Services Website Templates Designing Company
  • Shopping Portal Template Designing
  • Society Template Design
  • Spiritual Website Template designing
  • Sports Template designing
  • SEO Friendly Template Design India
  • Travel Portal Template Designing in India
  • Web design Company Template Design India
  • Web hosting Company Template Design India
  • Wedding Website Template Design India



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